Photography Lesson in Montreal


For my birthday I received a gift certificate for an introductory photography course with Photographie tous azimuts.  When I bought my DSLR camera I had looked up some information online to understand the basic functions, yet I was taking pictures strictly in automatic mode.  This course was focused on how to effectively use light to produce the best pictures and it was incredibly helpful in progressing to the manual mode.  The morning was spent learning about the theory of light and the afternoon was a practical session outside.  I absolutely loved the course and I am contemplating following up with other ones being offered on composition and focus.  Below are some of the pictures from the day.   You will see it wasn’t the most scenic location, but the structures allowed for different lighting conditions in order for us to learn.

IMG_0350v2 IMG_0308v2 IMG_0314v2 IMG_0346v2




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