Local Food Stops on the Magdalen Islands


Great food can easily be found on the Magadalen islands.  Specifically, there are three great products that are locally produced and must be tasted: Cheese, Beer, and Smoked Herring.  Yes, they do all pair quite nicely in case you were wondering.  If you have to pick one definitely make a stop at the Fumoir d’Antan and take the tour!  The history of the smoking houses and herring fishing is incredibly interesting and the guide does a fabulous job making it an engaging experience.  It’s amazing how much work went into smoking the small fish and how little it was sold for.




The other excellent stop is Fromagerie du Pied-de-Vent.  They have 4 cheeses that are produced and vary from a soft cheddar to my personal favourite: a cheese that is rubbed in hops (leftovers from the beer production processing).  So unique and tasty! You can also watch the cheese production from the shop during the week and read some information panels.



Lastly, all beer lovers need to taste their local craft beer. À l’abri de la Tempête, is the islands’ only microbrewery and produces some unique beers.  I highly recommend trying their Corne de Glace, an ice scotch ale that comes in at 14% alcohol.  It is unlike anything you have ever tasted.  The microbrewery has a video available about the history of the company and a bar upstairs to sample the beers.  They also have a large outdoor terrace for the warmer days.



If you stop by any of these locations, let me know which product was your favorite!

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