Raspberry Picking in Gaspésie at Les Framboisiers Lepage

When I was making my plans for the summer one of the activities I really wanted to do was go raspberry picking.  I love the fruit and nothing compares to freshly picked berries.  On my way to Park Forillon in Gaspésie, I saw an advertisement for Les Framboisiers Lepage in the Gaspésie Gourmand magazine (link here) and instantly knew I had to stop by.
Les Framboisiers Lepage is a family owned business that was recently taken over by the daughter Élise Lepage from her father.  Even though the reins have been passed on, her father still hangs around the fields and I had the opportunity to speak with him during my visit.  I quickly discovered his passion for fruit cultivation and it was lovely to learn more about the business.  They have been around for over 30 years and have been expanding their fruit selection with the addition of blackberries and blueberries.  A major incentive for visiting this farm is that all their fruits are organic, so no pesticides or harmful chemicals.  You can pick your own raspberries or purchase them already collected, they also make a number of products such as jams and juices.  It is beautifully located in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts just off route 132, on a small hilltop to provide beautiful views of the Saint-Lawrence river.
 Dropping by in the morning when it opened, there wasn’t many visitors which made for a peaceful environment.  After picking up my carton, I headed over to the fields to start picking.  It turns out that it’s a lot harder and longer to pick enough raspberries to fill a 1 L carton than I had expected!  But it was the perfect weather, and the berries were just beginning to ripen so I had lots of bushes to chose from.  Once I was done harvesting the raspberries, I went to pay and look at the other products on display.  From juices to jam, I was impressed by the number of products available that incorporate their local fruits. While browsing, one of the staff members asked about my travels and volunteered some great tips on where to stop along the way.  I really appreciated the welcoming and friendly approach demonstrated by the entire staff.
If you are travelling with kids, no problem! It’s definitely a family-friendly outing with lots of picnic tables and an adorable array of farm animals like chicken and roosters.  There is also a play park and short trail if you want to enjoy the outdoors.  I definitely recommend including Les Framboisiers Lepage on your itinerary.  If you would like more information, check out their website at http://www.framboisierslepage.com/
 If you are interesting in other food stops, check out my post listing the best places for satisfying your sweet tooth in Gaspésie.
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