Barbie Expo in Montreal: The museum you need to visit


I must confess… I still have my old barbie dolls, complete with all their clothes, a RV, and sports car.  My barbies’ really had a glamorous life.  Even though I grew up, I still have a special place in my heart for the endless hours I use to spend dressing up my dolls.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that when I heard about the Barbie Expo in Montreal, I knew that I needed to visit.


What is the Barbie Expo all about?

The Barbie Expo is located in The Cours Mont-Royale (1455, Peel street, between Ste-Catherine and de Maisonneuve) in downtown Montreal.  Amazingly, there is no charge to visit the museum making it excellent value.   The Barbie Expo is touted as the largest permanent exposition of Barbies with over 1000 dolls on display.  This is not a small museum… this is a shrine to the incredibly fabulous Barbie doll showing off a variety of outfits representing everything from corporate brands, fashion designers, fantasy costumes, countries, and decades.  Be prepared to be super impressed with the work that went into producing the miniature outfits, hair styling and make-up of each doll.



Why do you need to visit the Barbie Expo?

I absolutely loved my visit to the Barbie Expo and was completely blown away by how amazing the Barbie’s were dressed.  In addition to having the Barbie’s lined up in glass casings, the museum also has a number of scene’s created.  My favourite was the fashion runway where Barbies electronically moved down a runway while other barbies are seated in the audience watching.  It even has a backstage area where you can spy on the dolls getting ready.  If you need any more convincing than two words: Barbie Box.  That’s right, they have a large Barbie box where you can pose inside and be your very own doll.  Some of the dolls that were really impressive included the collection wearing ornate Bob Mackie gowns and the zombie Barbies (yes, you read that right!).  I strongly recommend you add this attraction to your list of things to visit in Montreal, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


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