Visiting the Microbreweries of Eastern Quebec

It seems that a new microbrewery is constantly popping up in Quebec.  I’m certainly not complaining, and quite honestly I feel spoiled by the number of outstanding breweries in the province of Quebec.
If you like to try new beers and support local businesses than you will find quite a few in Eastern Quebec.  In fact, beer tasting has never been easier with a handy guide put out by the local microbreweries known as La Route des bières de l’est du Québec… translation: a beer tour designed to explore the microbreweries of the Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie, and the Magdalen Islands.  If you want to get a copy of the the beer tour, check it out here.

The Microbreweries

With a total of 9 microbreweries included, I wasn’t able to make it to all of them.  However, during my trip to Gaspésie I was able to stop at five microbreweries, which I think is pretty good.  Two years ago, I actually travelled to the Magdalen Islands and stopped in their local brewery called A L’Abri De La Tempête, so technically I have been to 6 (to read more about that stop, see my post here).
In any case here are my thoughts on the places I did get to enjoy.  As a disclaimer, I am by no means an expert when it comes to beers, but I do love unique flavors, great atmosphere, and savoury foods to complete the experience! 

La Fabrique

Located at: 360 Av St-Jérôme, Matane
This microbrewery shares some unique history by being located in an old bank in downtown Matane and there is no better place to be on a sunny afternoon than the outdoor patio at La Fabrique.  The easy going atmosphere, friendly staff, and wide variety of beer makes it easy to lose track of time!  With 30 beers being brewed on-site, I let my waiter pick their favourite and I wasn’t disappointed.  The Franquelin is an American Pale Ale and was the perfect pairing to a hot summer day outdoors.

 Aux Fou Brassant

Located at: A L’Abri De La Tempête 262, Lafontaine, Rivière-du-Loup
Breaking up the long drive back from Gaspesie was a mandatory stop at this microbrewery located in the downtown core.  Since drinking and driving was not an option, I was thrilled to learn that you could purchase bottles to take away directly from the bar.  They had lots of interesting choices so I settled on three beers: Bagatême (white Belgian), Jean-Eudes (Scottish ale), and finally  Fun Noir (dry stout).  I have to admit I was partial to Jean-Eudes due to the malt caramel taste, but they all were quite good.  If you drop by make sure to check out their tap handles beautifully crafted in wood.

Brasserie Auval Brewing Co.

Located at: 397, route des Pères, Val d’Espoir

A newer microbrewery, Auval was started by Benoit Couillard from the Pit Caribou (another successful microbrewery), so he definitely has a lot of knowledge when it comes to making outstanding beers.  The standout beer for me was the Auval Saison Cerise, that is brewed with wild cherries that gives the beer a tangy, sweet taste.

Pit Caribou

Located at: 182, QC-132, Percé
Just under 10 years old, Pit Caribou microbrewery has quickly established itself by winning multiple awards in the industry.  You can stop by the tasting salon located in in the tourist town of Perce, where you can sit back and sample their most popular beers with a taster platter.  Of the four I tasted, I would recommend the American Brown Ale.

Le Naufrageur

Located at: 586, boul. Perron, Carleton-sur-mer
They have an awesome strawberry beer called, À La Bourdages, but be warned it’s on the sweet side.  On-site is a market area where you can purchase bottles of their beers and other fun swag.  It’s also a great place for grabbing a bit to eat especially in the summer when they have a large outdoor eating area.  I had the Gaspesien Burger which features pulled pork in a beer sauce with cheddar, pickles and spicy siracha mayo.

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