Buy experiences not things: Flying with Air Montmagny

Gift giving has become increasingly difficult and the pressure to find the perfect gift is very real.  Lately, I have been forgoing the purchase of things, for sharing experiences.  I recently had the opportunity to go on a plane ride with Air Montmagny as part of a gift to a friend.  Located approximately an hour from Quebec City, Air Montmagny is a small regional company that also offers private sightseeing flights at a very reasonable price among other services.  They also provide a transit between Montmagny – L’isole aux Grues et Grosse Ile, aerial photography trips, and assist in forestry inventory.

In the sky with Air Montmagny

For this outing, it was a 20 minute tour over the region of Montmagny including a view of L’isole aux Grues et Grosse Ile.  I lucked out and got to sit in the front where I got to pretend I was a co-pilot.  It was very cool to be close to all the aircraft controls and see the process of flying a plane with an experienced pilot.  It was a beautiful clear day so the views were spectacular as we flew around. We even got to see part of Île d’Orléans, and the water reservoir in Montmagny.

The pilot did a great job pointing out different landmarks and made sure we were all comfortable throughout the entire flying experience.  Even though it may seem like 20 minutes is short, I thought it was just enough to get a wonderful view of the area. This tour makes a great gift alternative for anyone, but if you plan on bringing younger kids they may have difficulty looking outside the aircraft window.  I also highly recommend such an outing for people who had never been a plane before.  Although it is a small aircraft and it can get bumpy, having the re-assurance of a pilot and short flight duration can help overcome fear of flying.

Air Montmagny also provides longer flights and you can even combine with a tour of Grosse Ile.  For more information, check Air Montmagny’s website.





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