5 Dessert Places to try in Chamonix, France


The small town of Chamonix follows the grand tradition of French pastries and fine chocolate, with excellent dessert options available.  I love anything sweet so whether it is for an afternoon coffee break or a macaron breakfast (because why not!), here are the places you need to try out for desserts in Chamonix.

Aux Petit Gourmands (168 Rue du Dr Paccard)

I loved the sleek white atmosphere with a touch of rustic chic of this restaurant and patisserie.  Adorable fruit tarts, colourful macarons and artisanal gelato will leave you undecided.  Luckily, the menu features a ‘plan gourmand’ that includes a drink, 3 decadent verrines, a macaron and a chocolate.  They serve a yummy brunch perfect for a long hike later in the day.

Au Nougat du Mont Blanc (98 rue Vallot)

This little shop has a vintage, homey feel that contrasts the other shops in Chamonix. The wood paneling and display cases feature lovely macarons (inexpensive at 1 Euro) and delicate chocolates.  I think the standout product at this shop is the fruit and vegetable shaped marzipan, and of course, the nougat.  Their products make a perfect souvenir to bring back home and enjoy with family.

Le Gouthé (95 rue des Moulins)

Two words- pie and hot chocolate, so actually more like three! Tucked away from the main streets, this spot sells their creative tarts by length and features an incredible selection of flavours like pear cardamon (my recommendation).  If pies are not for you, they have over 10 varieties of hot chocolate, all at affordable prices.

Patisserie Richard (10 Rue du Dr Paccard)

This place is all about immpecable presentation: the tower of macarons, detox water adorably done in plastic bags and cord, miniature salad dressing bottles. They have an amazing assortment of sweets for purchase and at the back of the shop there is a tea house. I would go with a selection of macarons. More pricey than most places, but the texture and flavors are great.

Desserts Chamonix

Desserts Chamonix

Chamon’ice (Rue du Paccard)

It was unusually hot when I was in Chamonix and found myself gravitating for a creamy cold ice cream daily.  With creme bruler ice cream on the menu there was never any doubt I would recommend this place.   They also feature fruity options for those who may prefer a refreshing sorbet.  The prices are also reasonable in comparison to other ice cream stands in the town.

Desserts Chamonix

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