10 Things to do in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is by far Canada’s smallest province, but for a tiny island it has lots to see and do.  Although Charlottetown is the main city, there are attractions spread out across the province.  One thing I learned from my visit is that although the distances appear to be deceptively short, driving takes much longer than anticipated (for more visiting tips read here).  Make sure to build in enough time in your itinerary for travelling between activities and keep in mind that weather conditions can change rather quickly.  Here are my suggestions of how to spend your time in Prince Edward Island:

1. Visit beautiful churches

For a small island there are a surprisingly high number of churches (over 250!).  Saint-Mary’s church is one of my favourite to visit in Prince Edward Island.  It dates from 1902 and is a beautiful example of French Gothic architecture.


2. Hang out with Anne of Green Gables

If you have read the book than you cannot skip out on a trip to Cavendish and the home of Anne.  The park is an escape into the world of Green Gables with a number of buildings decorated to the time period of the novel.  Take the time to learn about this beloved children’s character, the author that created her and make sure to take short hike through the haunted woods!

Green Gables Heritage Place Website

 3. Drive on the Confederation Bridge

Connecting Prince Edward Island to the rest of Canada, this iconic bridge took fours years to become a reality.  If you want to get a great photo of the bridge stop in Borden-Carlton at the Marine Rail Park which is not very far from where you will arrive by car.


4. Grab a bite and relax in Charlottetown

There are lots of yummy foods to sample on the Island (see my post here) and with a stellar list of restaurants Charlottetown is a great spot for settling on a terrace and digging into local dishes.


5. Taste beer at the Prince Edward Island Brewing Company

I can never resist visiting and supporting local breweries. This local company provides a nice opportunity for a rainy day or group outing by providing a fun and educational tour along with beer sampling.  I love love love their Blueberry Ale!

Learn more about their tours here


6. Check out the Bottle Houses

This quirky attraction is exactly what the name suggests- houses made out of glass bottles.  It is fascinating to visit and see the old bottles used to make the structure and marvel at the outcome as a true work of art.

Learn about the history and visiting information


7. Visit the Acadian Musical Village

Honouring the Acadian history on the island, the village has a great line-up of live music, dinner theatre, and other entertainment.  In addition there is a great bakery and restaurant where you can pick up traditional Acadian food like yummy rapure (potato meat dish) and galette blanche (type of bread).

Check out their website for opening hours and services offered.

8. Visit the West Point Lighthouse and Museum

This iconic lighthouse is not only incredibly photogenic but hosts an educational museum and a hotel.  As part of the visit you can climb the steep stairs to the top of the lighthouse and appreciate the work of the lighthouse keeper.

West Point Lighthouse

9. See the sunset in Prince Edward Island National Park

I was drawn to PEI because of photos I had seen on the tourism website and this scenic destination easily surpassed all expectations.  For a colourful sunset head to the beaches of the Stanhope campground in the Northern part of the island.  Currently for Canada’s 150 celebration you can access the National Park for free.  Get your passes here.

Prince Edward Island Visit

10. Check out the Canadian Potato Museum

I came for the giant potato and stayed for the incredibly informative museum displays that retells the compelling story of potato production in Prince Edward Island.  Did you know that when the potato is combined with whole milk it makes for a complete meal due to the rich amount of nutrients found in the peel?  This quirky museum also features historic farming equipment and makes you appreciate how much manual labour went into the early farms of the area.

Learn more about one of the top 11 foods in the world.

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