I initially started Carla’s Canvas as a diary to keep family and friends informed of my travel experiences and it has since evolved into a travel and lifestyle blog.  By documenting my travels, my blog serves as a means to reminisce, reflect, and share with others the knowledge I have gained from over 10 years of discovering places near and far.  It is a collage of my ongoing journeys around the world, that I hope will motivate others to take the personal challenge of discovering new places and perhaps something about themselves.

On this blog you will find packing tips, ideas to get the most of out your pennies, attractions to visit in different cities, restaurant guides, and the occasional personal musing about life in general!

Aside from being addicted to travelling, here are 10 fun facts about myself:

  1. My favorite color is yellow
  2. I love to eat
  3. I am currently a doctoral student
  4. I am a huge Nancy Drew fan
  5. If I could live in any city it would be London, England
  6. I plan on seeing a performance of all Shakespeare’s plays (13/37 to date)
  7. I have an opinion on everything
  8. I speak three languages
  9. I like to pretend I know how to use power tools
  10. I have travelled to 20 countries across North America, Central America, Europe, and Asia

If there is something else you are curious to know about me or my blog, than click over to my Contact page to get in touch with me!

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