Canadian Postcard: The Magdalen Islands

IMG_8680v2-Kayak-Magdalen Islands

After spending a few days over the summer in the Magdalen Islands, I was completely in love with the location.  It’s not very large, but you can find world-class dining, activities for the entire families, and unforgettable landscapes.  It may not be the most accessible location, however those that make the trip will be glad they did!  I’ve written a few posts about my experience and thought it would be convenient to link them all in one convenient post for those who are contemplating making the trip.  If you do visit, make sure to leave a comment what you loved the most!

Fun things to do:

Sea Kayaking in the Magdalen Islands

Biking on Grosse-Île & Grand Entrée Island

Learning to Fish in the Magdalen Islands

IMG_8728v2-Kayak-Magdalen Island

All about Food:

Local Food Stops on the Magdalen Islands

Restaurant Guide for the Magdalen Islands, Quebec


Must-see locations:

Exploring North Dune Beach (Dune du Nord)


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