3 Things to know before you go to Prince Edward Island


Prince Edward Island is an awesome destination known for it’s red beaches, green landscapes, and of course, potatoes! There is so much to see and do, that you want to be wise with your time and money. With that in mind, here are three quick tips that I wish I knew before I had taken my trip!

  1. Stop and do groceries upon arrival in Charlottetown.

While the capital is charming, most people will head to the shores of PEI for their vacations. If you plan on cooking any of your meals I highly {highly} encourage you to stop at the larger chain stores in Charlottetown to pick up your supplies. Otherwise, there are very scarce places to pick up food other than the gas station and a larger tourist mart where you will be charged almost the double.


2. The island may be small but it’s not a quick commute.

The tourism board of PEI has done a really nice job breaking up the island into smaller destinations to explore. The problem is that the distances are incredibly deceiving; while it may look near on a map the reality is that the roads are not freeways where you can drive at 100km/hr. Nor are the roads designed to take a direct approach, with multiple twists and turns. Therefore, really think carefully about what you want to visit and how far you are willing to distance yourself from your ‘home base’.


3. Have a really good GPS or Co-Pilot.

I discussed in the previous point the fact the roads in PEI are hardly direct, with that said it is super easy to get majorly lost without a good GPS are someone who is good at giving directions. For the record, I am a TERRIBLE co-pilot because I always get my right and left mixed up. How weird is that? The drivers that I direct want to kill me and never trust my information because they are always asking, “like the real left Carla? Show me the direction with your hand”.



Do you have any insider tips or suggestions to share? Leave a comment below!


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